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Citizens: Race, Reconciliation

The apostle Paul writes to the church in Ephesis to remind them that they are no longer Jew and Gentile; they are brothers and sisters in the Kingdom of God with one Heavenly Father.  In the same way, color of skin, gender, ethnicity mean nothing in the Kingdom of God.  We are all sons and daughters of God, brothers and sisters.



Scripture:Ephesians 2:11-22


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Citizens: "Be Reconciled" message by Bill Dogterom

We live in a broken world.  Racism, famine, shooting, porn.  None of this was God's plan for creation.  But we can be part of the Kingdom of God, right now.  With Jesus, there is no shame or condemnation.  We have been forgiven, for the purpose of showing that forgiveness to others.  As Citizens of Heaven we are to be ambassadors of reconciliation, or forgiveness.



Scripture:Genesis 3:4-12 2 Corinthians 5:16-6:2


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