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The United Church

Church is intended to be a family of believers.  The Apostles are an example of a group of people that should've hated each other, but because of their shared love for Christ, and being filled with the Holy Spirit, they were able to be family, and no one among them was ever in need.  All the believers looked out for each others needs and shared all they had.



Scripture:Acts 2:44


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The Church in Antioch

The Church in Antioch

If there’s anything that I’ve learned throughout this Acts series, it’s this: I haven’t lived for the moment. Each week, I learn a new lesson, a new understanding in my faith, and I always leave service wanting to learn more of God. Needless to say, there have been times where I felt the Holy Spirit really working in me during the response time, and I find myself leaving wanting so much more. Leaving Sunday’s service, I felt once again God tugging at my heart. As Josh mentioned during the service, there are three reasons why we, Christianity, exists. The people, the disciples in Acts believed they were living the life of Jesus. Every minute, every breath, was spent living out the Gospel. Ever want to look at how you can truly live out the Gospel? These guys had it right. They shared everything. They prayed together. They lived each moment…Continue Reading →