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Fact: I’m a fan of the NBC comedy “Community,” a show that follows a group of friends at a fictional community college. Every week I look forward to the show’s offbeat sense of humor and quirky characters. The thing I love about this show is the bond between these friends. Although they have varying personalities and reasons why they are in the school, without each other life wouldn’t be the same. In scenes where one or more of the characters aren’t present, the actor or actress finds themselves in a state of despair (overreacted, of course) until they are reunited with their peers. Without each other, they are unable to function, to live fully themselves. They realize that life is better when they’re with each other and living life with one another. Isn’t that what community is about anyway? They realize that life is better when they’re with each other…Continue Reading →

Serving Everyone

This week we look at what being part a family consists of. Sometimes we are called to lay down our rights for the sake of others, to show them we love them. Selflessness is at the root of this love for others, and through this love we can strengthen those who might feel weak.



Scripture:Romans 14 - 15:7


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