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Citizens: Redeeming Power

We live in a world where power is often used to manipulate, control, subjugate, and damage other people. But this was not God’s original intent. He gave us power so that we can rule on His behalf, reflecting His character and Kingdom in every corner of creation. What will it take to redeem our power? Let’s take a look at Jesus to find out.



Scripture:Genesis 1:26-28, Genesis 3:1-5, John 13:1-17, Philippians 2:1-11


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Citizens: Politics, Power and the Church

We welcome Dr. Luke Bretherton, Professor of Theological Ethics from Duke Divinity School.  He shares with us from the book of Jeremiah, what God has to say about His people's place in politics.  Dr. Bretherton offers us this definition and purpose of politics; "Politics is about forming, norming and sustaining a common life between those who are the same and those who are different as they try and address shared problems."



Scripture:Jeremiah 29:4-14


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Citizens: Race, Reconciliation

The apostle Paul writes to the church in Ephesis to remind them that they are no longer Jew and Gentile; they are brothers and sisters in the Kingdom of God with one Heavenly Father.  In the same way, color of skin, gender, ethnicity mean nothing in the Kingdom of God.  We are all sons and daughters of God, brothers and sisters.



Scripture:Ephesians 2:11-22


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