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RHCM believes that when we pray for God’s kingdom to arrive in Costa Mesa as it is in heaven, God invites us into the issues and needs all around us as a way to see God’s kingdom here. With that hope and motivation in mind, RHCM desires to continually seek God in terms of where and how to invest the unique resources that we’ve been given. Our attention has been turned to our local schools, and since the Fall of 2011, RHCM has been learning how to invest intentionally into a few specific schools to see measurable change. We have also been participating through TRELLIS to see the unique resources of “the Church” in Costa Mesa leveraged for positive change. For example, it’s been noted that students learn to read prior to grade 3, and afterward students read to learn. Literacy is an “upstream” issue for people to be able to live into the dream that God has for them. Being able to read unlocks access to many other resources later in life. Can you imagine what could happen if the Church in Costa Mesa invested together to see things change?

The Approach

Why are we invested in our local schools?

  • We want to see our schools develop students who are being adequately equipped with a variety of educational resources.
  • We want to see students be given the same opportunities regardless of socioeconomic status and geographical location.
  • Being invested in our local schools allows the opportunity for the church to reach out to our community in tangible ways and allows God’s love to be displayed. 

How are we invested in our local schools?

There is a four-fold strategy that we are using to mobilize the ROCKHARBOR community toward our local schools:

  • Student Care
  • Staff Morale
  • Facilities Beautification
  • Parent Involvement

RHCM is specifically focusing on:

  • Sonora Elementary School

Our partnership with Sonora is unique in that we are serving alongside other churches in Costa Mesa to meet the specific needs of this local school. Our hope is to see relationships established that will last through a student’s academic career. School supplies, campus beautification events, or tutoring are all avenues for meaningful connections to be made.


Join us for our annual Holiday Carnival at Sonora Elementary in Costa Mesa. We are in need of volunteers for set-up, tear-down, games, and crafts.  Families are welcome to join!

Saturday, December 16


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