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Life Groups

Life Groups are small communities that encourage one another to follow Jesus as they worship, pray, and love others in Orange County and beyond.

This Spring, Life Groups will continue to run on a 10-week semester model. Life Groups will launch on February 11 and wrap up the week of April 22. Life Groups will still be available to join mid-semester.

Life Group Values:

*Identity: We want to encourage one another to become more like Jesus. Every Life Group will seek to be transformed by the Holy Spirit from the inside out, grow in their identity as children of God, and to be marked by God’s Kingdom in every area of life.

* Being Family: As God’s children, we are part of God’s family. Life Groups are an intentional place to spur one another on, build deep relationships, and proclaim Jesus by the way we love another.

*Living Missionally: As God’s family, we are called to be a blessing to all people. As Life Groups, we intend to explore together how we are about more than ourselves. We want to do this by growing in sharing God’s love, serving our surrounding communities, and making disciples by proclaiming and demonstrating the Gospel of Jesus wherever we are.

The most basic form of Life Groups are Neighborhood Life Groups, which are groups formed based on proximity or location. ROCKHARBOR also offers Life Groups around various life stages and demographics including College, Families, Married, Men’s, Women’s, and Young professionals.

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