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Life Care Counseling

Life Care Counseling is a partnership between the counselor, counselee, and the Holy Spirit, designed to assist hurting individuals in spiritual and emotional growth through the practical application of Biblical principles for healing and maturity. These counselors are non-professionals who are trained here at ROCKHARBOR through a six-month course on an integrative approach to Theology and Psychology. Once a counselor begins meeting with a counselee they are under the weekly supervision of a counseling professional. We can also help to connect you with one of the licensed Christian counselors that we consider an extension to our ministry team.

Counselees are seen for approximately 16 sessions. The first session is free as we offer an opportunity to be sure that the Life Care Counselor and counselee are a good fit for one another and to be sure that the needs presented by the counselee are within the scope of practice of our LCC ministry. The following 15 sessions after the first intake session is $5 per session.

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If you are interested in being trained as a Life Care Counselor, or if you are interested in meeting with a counselor contact theĀ Life Care Counseling Team.

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