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Financial Peace University

Personal stewardship is what we do with what we have. In a culture that encourages us to live as far above our means as possible, personal stewardship can often be a source of worry, guilt, or confusion. God’s desire for us is simple, and yet more stretching and fulfilling than we can imagine. He wants us to be wise managers of all he has entrusted to us, and generous givers who give in response to his great love.

RHCM offers courses and other resources to help our church community steward their personal finances in such a way that puts God first, and that brings glory to Him as our provider.

Financial Peace University

FPU is a nine-week class that teaches people to achieve financial goals by saving for the future, budgeting money, eliminating debt, and giving like never before. The class is taught by Dave Ramsey via DVD, followed by small group discussion facilitated by table leaders.


If you are interested in this course and future dates, or have questions, please contact Bryan Wilkins.

The Legacy Journey

The Legacy Journey is an all-new, seven-week, biblically based class that teaches you how to truly live and leave a legacy for generations to come. The Legacy Journey is an in-depth study building on the foundations of FPU while taking a deeper look at what the Bible says about money.

This brand-new course doesn’t replace FPU – you still need the nuts-and-bolts foundation for your money FPU provides. The Legacy Journey builds on that foundation. It’s for those who want to know what’s next once their families are free from debt. If FPU was showing you how to wake up, The Legacy Journey is showing you how to grow up. This class leads members into a deeper look at what the Bible has to say about wealth and gives them practical tools for managing their resources and living a generous life.

The Legacy Journey will show you how to live a legacy now while preparing to leave a legacy for your children—and future generations to come. This is the class for those who want to finish strong!

Suggested Reading

The Treasure Principle: Discovering The Secret Of Joyful Giving, By Randy Alcorn
The Complete Guide To Managing Your Money
, By Larry Burkett

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To find out more about the courses and resources RH offers to help you with your financial management, please email the FPU team.